L3S Research Center

The L3S is a research center for basic and applied research in the field of Web Science. The L3S researchers develop new, innovative methods and technologies that enable intelligent and seamless access to information on the Web, link individuals and communities in all aspects of the knowledge society – including science and education – and connect the Internet to the real world and its institutions.

The L3S is a research-driven institution that stands out through its significant innovations. Top-class graduate and PhD students and staff members from around the world are attracted to the L3S because of its cutting-edge research culture. For young scientists the L3S offers an encouraging, innovative, international, supportive and independent environment.

Questions that deal comprehensively with the challenges of the field of Web Science Research are addressed in a variety of projects. Since its inception in 2001, the L3S has brought together numerous outstanding scientists from the areas of information retrieval, databases, semantic web, performance modeling, service computing and mobile networks that challenge and actively pursue interdisciplinary research. The total research budget amounts to more than 6 million Euros annually, with a variety of projects in its four working groups, Intelligent Access to Information, Next Generation Internet, E-Science, Web Governance.

Since 2008, the L3S has been involved in numerous EU projects within the 7th Research Programme of the EU, including the ongoing projects Arcomem, Glocal, EveryAware and Linked2Safety. Currently, the L3S coordinates three new EU projects, namely LinkedUp, DuraArk, and ForgetIT. Members of the L3S hold three grants from the European Research Council (ERC), one Advanced Grant (ALEXANDRIA), one Starting Grant (UNIQUE), and one Proof of Concept Grant (IIP).

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WSTnet Lab Director: Wolfgang Nejdl