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Watch our broadcast, showcasing Web Science research and achievements across the globe.

00:01:25 Welcome to WebScience@10 Messages from Professor Jim Hendler, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, Vint Cerf, Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Professor Ted Nelson, and others.
00:12:00 Introduction live from London Professor Dame Wendy Hall with Professor Leslie Carr & Professor Susan Halford, University of Southampton
 00:17:00  A message from Sir Tim Berners-Lee
 00:21:00 What is Web Science? Montage
00:28:00 Web Observatory Eugene Siow & Dr Xin Wang at the
University of Southampton, and Joanna Lewis with Dr Thanassis Tiropanis, Dr Dominic DiFranzo, Dr Aastha Madaan & Dr Ramine Tinati.
00:49:00 Singapore NeXT – National University of Singapore & Tsinghua University – montage led by Tek Min Tan
01:19:00 What has Web Science done for us?
01:35:00 Bangalore IIIT-Bangalore – montage led by Professor Srinath Srinivasa
02:12:00 WSTNet Labs SONIC, Northwestern University
L3S Research Center, Hannover
Data Science Institute, Imperial College
02:22:00 Data Literacy Johanna Walker and Mark Frank discuss Data Literacy issues covered in the latest edition of The Journal of Community Informatics.
02:31:40 WSTNet Labs 2 The Network Institute, Amsterdam
WeST, Koblenz (short)
03:00:00 ‘Trust and the Web’ Panel Bill Thompson (Chair), Professor Dame Wendy Hall, Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt, Doc Searles, Liz Brandt and Matt McNeill
04:05:00 WSTNet Labs 3 The Web Science Institute, University of Southampton
04:21:00 ‘Web Science at the cutting edge’
Professor Leslie Carr (Chair), Dr Pete Burnap, Professor Dave De Roure, Professor Yi-Ke Guo, Professor Susan Halford and Dr Jie Tang
05:27:00 ‘Happy birthday Web Science’ from Sir Tim Berners-Lee
05:31:00 What now for Web Science? Montage
05:32:00 WSTNet Labs 4 • KAIST (Robot Drone Man)
Tetherless World Constellation
Oxford e-Research Centre
WeST, Koblenz (full)
WSI, University of Southampton
06:30:10 Goodbye from London Professor Dame Wendy Hall and Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt.
06:31:40 Happy Birthday Web Science! Montage
07:07:00 Hello from Chicago Professor Jim Hendler introduces a series of presentations & debates from SONIC at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
07:12:00 Introduction Professor Noshir Contractor, SONIC Lab, Northwestern University
07:18:00 Some Assembly Required: Leveraging the Web to Create Dream Teams Professor Noshir Contractor
07:28:00 Web and Disaster Response Professor Karen Smilowitz, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
07:43:00 Predictive Signals Behind Success Dr Dashun Wang, Management and Organizations
07:59:00 Hidden Indicators of Collective Intelligence in Crowdfunding Dr Agnes Horvát, School of Communciation
08:10:00 Remember When Nobody Knew You Were a Dog? Dr Jeremy Bimholtz, Communication Studies
08:34:30 Panel Discussion Professor Jim Hendler (Chair), Professor Noshir Contractor, Karen Smilowitz,  Dr Dashun Wang, Agnes Horvát, and Dr Jeremy Bimholtz
08:48:00 AI and Leadership Brian Uzzi
09:00:00 Social Machines Professor Jim Hendler
09:16:00 Tweetcast Your Vote: Social Media and Preference Prediction Larry Bimbaum
09:29:00 The Web and Elections in Australia and the US Dr Rob Ackland, Australian National University
09:46:00 Analytics on the US elections using Rob Ackland’s VOSON service Matt Kiepura, Team SNAP
09:58:00 Close Professor Noshir Contractor