Web Science Trust

Web Science at NExT Singapore

Professor Chua Tat Seng, Professor Kan Min-Yen, Aleksandr Farseev, Dr Nie Liqiang, Dr He Xiangnan, and Seah Choon-Meng, discuss their Web Science research at NUS – Tsinghua Extreme Search Centre, National University of Singapore.

00:00:13 Introduction: Professor Chua Tat Seng
00:05:13 Highlights of research at NExT
00:09:20 Aleksandr Farseev (PhD researcher): bBridge  real-time group analytics demonstration.
00:11:50 University Ranking  with demonstration by Feng Fuli.
 00:14:15 Further ranking services.
 00:15:50 Rich media processing and searching with a demonstration of video search by Dr Zhang Hanwang.
 00:19:20 Research in Privacy Preservation.
 00:22:00 Aleksandr Farseev, PhD researcher.
 00:23:20 Dr Nie Liqiang, Multimedia Content Analysis and Retrieval.
 00:24:05 Dr He Xiangnan, User Personalisation in Social Media.
 00:25:20 Professor Kan Min-Yen, Text Analysis.
 00:26:10 Seah Choon-Meng, Programme Director, NExT.