Web Science Labs

WeST Koblenz

Professor Steffen Staab, Martin Körner, Lukas Schmelzeisen, Daniel Janke, Marting Leinberger, Jun Sun, Cristina Sarasua, Korok Sengupta, Raphael Meges, Dr Mahdi Bohlouli, and Dr Chandan Kumar, showcase Web Science research work at Institute for Web Science and Technologies (WeST) – University of Koblenz, Germany.

Web & Internet Science, University of Southampton

PhD research student Johanna Walker (Open Data) introduces fellow researchers at the Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Southampton. Contributors include: Sophie Parsons (Emergency Social Media), Rafael Melgarejo (Values), Manuel Urrutia (Learning), Dola Majekodunmi (Banking), Jack Webster (Music), and Alison Knight (Law).

SONIC, Northwestern University

Professor Noshir Contractor, Yun Huang, Katya Bitkin, Marlon Twyman, Xiang Lee, Anup Sawant, Jackie Ng, Zachary Gibson, Igor Zakhlebin, Kyosuke Tanaka, Aaron Schecter, Diego Gómez-Zará, Dr Michael Schulz, Alina Lungeanu, and Dr Patrick Park showcase Web Science research work at Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC), – Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA.

Oxford Internet Institute

Professor Helen Margetts discusses Web Science research work at the Oxford internet Institute (OII). Contributed by the OII to the WebScience@10 celebration, 29 November, 2016.

Oxford e-Research Centre

Professor Dave De Roure, Professor Anne Trefethen, Professor David Wallom, and Dr Jon Lockley, discuss Web Science research at the Oxford e-Research Centre. Contributed by the OERC to the WebScience@10 celebration.

Data Science Institute, Imperial College

Professor Yi-Ke Guo, Data Science Institute, showcases the DSI’s Data Observatory at Imperial College, London. Contributed by the DSI to the WebScience@10 celebration.


Dr Sung Hyon Myaeng, Professor Mik Fanguy, Dr Mi-Young Cha, and Gun Woo Park showcase Web Science research work at KAIST, South Korea.

Network Institute VU Amsterdam

Professor Hans Akkermans, Anna Bon, Victor de Boer, Wendelien Tuyp, André Baart, and Gossa Lô, at VU University, Amsterdam, showcase the work of the Web Alliance fo regreening in Africa project (w4ra.org).

Tsinghua-Southampton Web Science Laboratory

An overview of the Tsinghua-Southampton Web Science Laboratory, at the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.