Web Science Trust

Web Science Education

To ensure the Web serves future generations, the WST promotes and supports the development of Web Science curricula at all relevant educational levels around the world.

Web Science Education

Education is of paramount importance to the Trust and we look to assist in the definition of curricula at all levels, provide support and backing of summer schools across all our Labs. Ultimately to ensure that our students and members have the right skills and tools to approach this complex task of engagement with the complex socio-technical interactions on the Web.

Current Courses in Web Science

There are a number of institutions around the world where you can study Web Science. For further information please visit the institution’s site:

Other Courses of interest

Training that will be of interest to potential Web Scientists, interdisciplinary researchers and others:

Other related tools and courses

Whilst not directly Web Science, here are some resources (some free, some commercial) offering resources in related areas such as AI, programming, big data etc.) WST receives no compensation for listing any resource on this page and does not endorse or recommend any single training provider beyond the invited WSTnet university membership.

If you wish to have your institution added to this list please email info@webscience.org

Before requesting a listing, please note that WST generally only lists direct providers of content/education rather than aggregators, resellers or other paid-for recommended services.