The Web Science Manifesto

By the community. For the community. For a better society.

Web Science as a discipline is needed today more than ever. We need an interdisciplinary approach in order to deal with the ambivalences that the Web incurs with principles implying freedom, the same principles implying manipulation. A group of people have met at Dagstuhl in 2018 in order to discuss challenges that Web Science must deal with. A subgroup has produced the draft of a manifesto that we want to spread beyond the community and towards colleagues, academics, practitioners, companies, politicians, NGOs and funding agencies.

We seek your comments on this document.

As a community we may only succeed if we walk together. We do have methods in order to deal with the very real challenges that the Web harbors for society, however, without the attention beyond our community this knowledge is in danger to remain underused.

We seek your endorsements on this document.


We seek the impossible. Picking the wisdom of all Web Scientists and arriving at a consolidated document. We want to open a discussion of Web Scientists for the benefit of our community and we assure you that we intend to reflect the outcome in the next version of our current draft document. However, we do not want to overpromise, hence we want to raise the issue now that even valuable thinking might not end up in the final document

Action item on you.

Download the current version of the manifesto here

Comment and discuss with other Web Scientists in the comment section below!

We sincerely appreciate your support of the Web Science community

Bettina Berendt, Fabien Gandon, Susan Halford, Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda, Eirini Ntoutsi, Steffen Staab

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