The Web Science Institute

The Web Science Institute

Video contributed by the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton, to the WebScience@10 celebration.

The Web Science Institute co-ordinates the Web Science activities across the University of Southampton and kindly hosts the Web Science Trust in the UK

Web Science is the study of the largest information construct on the planet (the Web), the engineering principles of the protocols and software that form it and the impact of universal information provision on society. It is a multi-disciplinary approach to a technical understanding of the construction and analysis of the Web as a distributed global information system and a qualitative examination of the social impact of the Web on human society. Web scientists develop an understanding of the Web’s development and growth, its capacity for furthering global knowledge and communication, and its inherent values of trustworthiness, privacy and respect for social boundaries.

The Web Science Centre for Doctoral Training is hosted by the school and provides funded scholarships for fifty doctoral students in Web Science. It is part of a £250 million investment in the future of UK science and technology by the RCUK Digital Economy programme.

Lab Director: Professor Leslie Carr