Professor Tat-Seng Chua

chuatsDr Chua is the KITHCT Chair Professor at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS). He was the Acting and Founding Dean of the School during 1998-2000. Dr Chua’s main research interest is in multimedia information retrieval and social media analysis. In particular, his research focuses on the extraction, retrieval and question-answering (QA) of text, video and live media arising from the Web and social networks. He is the Director of the multi-million-dollar NUS-Tsinghua Extreme Search Centre (NExT), jointly established by NUS and Tsinghua University of China to develop technologies for live media search. The project will gather, mine, search and organise user-generated contents within the cities of Beijing and Singapore. His group participates regularly in TREC-QA and TRECVID video retrieval evaluations.

Dr Chua is active in the international research community. He has organized and served as program committee member of numerous international conferences in the areas of computer graphics, multimedia and text processing. He is the conference co-chair of ACM Multimedia 2005, ACM CIVR 2005, and ACM SIGIR 2008. He serves in the editorial boards of: ACM Transactions of Information Systems (ACM), Foundation and Trends in Information Retrieval (NOW), The Visual Computer (Springer Verlag), and Multimedia Tools and Applications (Kluwer). He is the member of steering committee of ICMR (International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval) and Multimedia Modeling conference series; and as member of International Review Panel of two large-scale research projects in Europe.

Dr Chua serves as the Chairman of the Board of Examiners for the Certified IT Project Management (CITPM) in Singapore. He is the independent Director of 2 publicly listed companies in Singapore. He holds a PhD from the University of Leeds, UK.

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