Professor George Metakides

Professor George Metakides

George Metakeides

George Metakides is a Full Professor to the Chair of Logic at the University of Patras. He is currently Professor at the University of Patras, President of the Scientific Board of the Computer Technologies Institute, Senior Advisor to the Foundation of the Hellenic World and Advisor to several international organizations.

He has published numerous articles and books in the areas of Mathematical Logic, Computer Science and Science Policy and is a frequent invited speaker at major international conferences.  He is a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and an honorary member of the Romanian Academy of Science.

He has received the Medal of Honor of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, the Polish Information Society Recognition Award, for his efforts to build co-operation between IT researchers in the EU, the Nokia Award and the Telecom Europe Prize for his contribution to the development and effective dissemination of new information and communication technologies in Europe.

Until November 2002 he was Director of Essential Technologies and Infrastructures in Europe’s Information Society Technologies (IST) Program (1998-2002), in the Information Society Directorate General which – besides funding and coordinating R&D in information and communication technologies in the European Union – also covers information society and telecommunications policy and regulation.

He is an active contributor to the promotion of co-operation between the European Union and other regions. He has instigated and /or contributed to the establishment of major research agreements between the EU and the USA (including the launch of the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C in1993).

He is President of the Digital Enlightenment Forum ( addition to DEF’s Trust in the Digital world issues, his current interests and activities include Web Science, European R&D policy and programs and international cooperation. He helped to establish the University of Thessaloniki Web Science MSc program in 2010.