Anni Rowland-Campbell

anni rowland-cambell

Anni Rowland-Campbell is a philanthropist and Web Science, practitioner. She is Director of Intersticia (link to, a global social enterprise which promotes harnessing interdisciplinary approaches to better understand the interactions of technology, culture and society, with a particular focus on 21st Century Leadership.
For the past two decades, Anni has been working with Boards, Senior Leadership and Management Teams to help them become more Digitally Savvy.  In 2017 she created Brave Conversations (link to which brings conversations around Web Science and the Social Machine to the general public of all ages, stages and from all walks of life.
Anni has led a number of research projects which investigated the notion Government as a Social Machine and is currently exploring the links between group dynamics, the Social Machine and how this impacts on our collective decision making, authority and leadership.

Anni has had various roles in the Arts (working with the Sydney Opera House, Royal Opera House Covent Garden and Australian Opera), Government (as a Ministerial Advisor and Member of numerous Government Boards), and the corporate sector (leading research into emerging Web technologies for Fuji Xerox Australia).