Cardiff University

University of Cardiff Computer Science has a well-established interdisciplinary research team working on the scientific investigation of the WWW and the applications it underpins (e.g. social media) from the perspective of computer and social sciences. Substantive research here in Human and Cyber Security is fundamentally theory driven. Published research includes machine classification of cyberhate, suicidal language and social tension, using social theory to derive features for the classifiers. Cardiff have also studied how information propagates on the Web and the linguistic and human actor attributes that support information flow.

Cardiff are also well-known for their social research platform development (the Cardiff Online Social Media Observatory) COSMOS which has been developed by computer scientists, with social scientists, for use by researchers who do not a have a great deal of technical training and expertise. It democratizes access to data and tools so that Web data can be collected, archived, and studied by a broad range of disciplines.

Lab Directors: Peter Burnap and Matt Williams