Web Science Trust

Chicago – WebScience@10

WebScience@10 events happened all over the world on 29 November 2016. At Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA, speakers from SONIC Lab, The Tetherless World Constellation, and Australian National University took part in the day’s debates.

00:00:00 Welcome from Chicago Professor Jim Hendler introduces a series of presentations & debates from SONIC at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
00:05:00 Introduction Professor Noshir Contractor, SONIC Lab, Northwestern University
00:11:00 Some Assembly Required: Leveraging the Web to Create Dream Teams Professor Noshir Contractor
00:21:00 Web and Disaster Response Professor Karen Smilowitz, Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
00:34:00 Predictive Signals Behind Success Dr Dashun Wang, Management and Organizations
00:52:00 Hidden Indicators of Collective Intelligence in Crowdfunding Dr Agnes Horvát, School of Communciation
01:03:00 Remember When Nobody Knew You Were a Dog? Dr Jeremy Bimholtz, Communication Studies
01:27:30 Panel Discussion Professor Jim Hendler (Chair), Professor Noshir Contractor, Karen Smilowitz,  Dr Dashun Wang, Agnes Horvát, and Dr Jeremy Bimholtz
01:41:00 AI and Leadership Brian Uzzi
01:53:00 Social Machines Professor Jim Hendler
02:16:00 Tweetcast Your Vote: Social Media and Preference Prediction Larry Bimbaum
02:22:00 The Web and Elections in Australia and the US Dr Rob Ackland, Australian National University
02:39:00 Analytics on the US elections using Rob Ackland’s VOSON service Matt Kiepura, Team SNAP
02:51:00 Close Professor Noshir Contractor