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Central to the establishment of a web observatory is the selection of a profile of standards which each web observatory node must adopt. To this end we have established a W3C community group under the leadership of Professor David De Roure

Welcome to the Web Observatory

The Web Observatory: A global data resource for the advancement of economic & social prosperity.   Sponsored by the Web Science Trust, a global not for profit institution with a secretariat at the University of Southampton that can leverage the web science research resources of the 15 University labs affiliated with the Web Science Trust (WSTnet) including Brazil, China, Korea, Europe and US,  and the existing partnerships with W3C and the Web Foundation.

Studying Web Science

Web Science is an emerging, new and exciting discipline. It draws on existing areas and requires new methods and techniques to be developed. The Web’s diverse nature means that we have to be able to consider it from a broad range of perspectives both independently and in unison, for this reason Web Science is an inter-disciplinary subject that draws on many different academic areas.

There are a number of institutions around the world where you can study Web Science.

Find out more about Studying Web Science.