India launches first Web Observatory

BENGALURU: For those into web science research, here’s some good news. India’s first Web Observatory (WO) was launched at the International Institute of Information Technology – Bangalore (IIIT-B) on Tuesday.

WO provides distributed data and analytics resources for the advancement of the economy and social prosperity by empowering governments, business and individuals to engage in web analytics. WO is planned to be a worldwide grid, hosting datasets relevant to web science research and IIIT-B will host the first such node of the grid in India. The observatory has been set up in association with Web Science Trust, University of Southampton.

IIIT-B director S Sadagopan said: “The web is increasingly impacting us in a comprehensive fashion – be it in business, governance or in our personal lives. Web science aims to understand the web in all its dimensions. Particularly for a growing economy like India, the web can act as a much-needed game changer that can empower both individual liberty and collective good.”

Excited about the launch of the WO in India, Dame Wendy Hall, executive director of Web Science Institute, University of Southampton said WO is crucial to providing data and data analytics to support evidence-based policy making and business intelligence.

Article from the Times of India