Ian Brown – Projects Director


Ian is Projects director for the Web Science Trust where he supports the board of trustees in a co-ordinating role between labs, industry partners and the Trust. He holds a PhD in Web Science from the University of Southanpton where his research centred on the Web Observatory.

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Ian has spent 30 years in IT working for such organisations as IBM, Logica, Tibco and Thomson Reuters in a variety of positions covering project and programme management, development management, has operated his own consultancy BlackApple Limited since 1984 and has served as a non-exec director for several companies. His areas of experience are in Trading Systems, Supply Chains, Collaboration, Project Management and Cognitive Behavioural coaching and therapy.

Ian originally graduated from the University of Keele and holds a BA in IT and German, an MSc in Securities & Investment Banking from Reading University and is currently at Southampton studying for a PhD in Web Science with the Doctoral Training Centre.