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Prof. Leslie Carr is a researcher in the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia at the University of Southampton. Since the 1980’s I have experimented with multimedia information systems, novel ways of constructing hypertexts, digital libraries and knowledge management systems.

As a practical application of the above ideas (time to change the world instead of just thinking deep thoughts), Prof. Carr is working with Open Access and Institutional Repositories. My goal is to encourage researchers and scientists to become responsible curators of their own intellectual assets, and to build the information environments that enable that goal and also that take advantage of it (repositories, literature analysis services, community maps, new idea trackers).

Prof. Carr is fascinated by the way that humans can take advantage of new information sources (like Google or the Semantic Web) and whether these things can help to make us genuinely smarter. Can Google make someone behave like an expert? And if so, can we change the way that we teach children or undergraduates ?