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San Francisco Web Observatory Workshop

Students, researchers and web scientists came together for a hackathon-sytle meet-up hosted by Mark Musen and the team at Stanford.

Post-grad researchers Ramine Tinati, Chris Phethean and Ian Brown from Southampton introduced the day with presentations of their research interests including:

  • Social Media effectiveness for Charities,
  • Message propgation in Social Networks and
  • Observation – how observatories are different


the session progressed into a data hack together kicked off by Vinay Goel from our partners at the Internet Archive to look at ways in which complex data sets can be wrangled, analysed and shared.

Health, Wealth, Innovation – Scotland

Health Web Science was in the spotlight at Horizon Scotland near Inverness over the 17-18th September at the Health, Wealth, Innovation conference organised jointly by CFAL Scotland, the World Health Organisation and the University of the Highlands and Islands.

This international conference was had the primary theme of Health, Wealth, Innovation and was an exclusive gathering of healthcare leaders from UK, Africa and Asia to network, learn and innovate about how new web technologies could address the challenges of a rapidly growing and ageing world population.

Elizabeth Brooks and Grant Cummings (who also organised the Health Web Science workshop at websci12) presented an enthusiastic view of how web scientists could contribute to the development of public health applications.