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Web Science & Big Data Analytics Summer School at NUS – Registration Live

Location: National University of Singapore

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Dates: 8 – 15 December 2014

UPDATE – Registration and Summer school website are now live

Click here for the Summer School website

Click here for the Registration Site

The deadline for Registration is 22nd November (Student) and 30th November (General Participants/Non-Student).


The Web increasingly provides a vehicle for diverse elements of modern society ranging from gaming to business, government to education and from crime to policing. The data generated grows not only in volume but also in variety and velocity. These key traits create big data – both ON the Web and big data ABOUT the Web. This is an unprecedented opportunity to gain insight into the ways in which the Web drives new social models which are changing the way we publish and consume information, how we behave online and what it means to have privacy.

With this opportunity comes the challenge of distributed big data analytics, trust and provenance and building systems which can interoperate across technical, legal and cultural borders. Web Science brings a strong interdisciplinary approach to understanding the technical and social elements of an evolving Web Eco-system and has proposed tools such as the
Web Observatory to gather, analyse and curate web data individually but also forming part of a growing global collective network of observatories through which new insights and new approaches to analytics are being developed.

This workshop continues our program of best practice in Web Science and Big Data Analytics. We are delighted to welcome a program of speakers who will complement our hands-on work with Web Observatories during the event with insights into emerging trends and the future direction of Web Science.

Who should attend:

This event welcomes academic staff, MSc and PhD students, industry and government employees who want to learn about big data analytics on and about the Web.

Programme chairs:

  • Professor Tat-Seng Chua, NUS, Singapore
  • Professor Wendy Hall, University of Southampton, UK

Speakers include:

  • Professor Kian Lee Tan, NUS, Singapore
  • Professor Minyen Kan, NUS, Singapore
  • Professor Susan Halford, Southampton
  • Dr Thanassis Tiropanis, Southampton
  • Professor David De Roure, Oxford
  • Professor Yike Huo, Imperial
  • Professor Ramesh Jain, UCI
  • Professor Juanzi Li, Tsinghua University, China
  • Professor Sung-Hyon Maeng, KAIST, S Korea
  • Dr Peter Burnap, University of Cardiff
  • Dr Matt Williams, University of Cardiff


  • Dr Ramine Tinati, Southampton
  • Dr Xin Wang, Southampton

There is no charge for attendance at the Summer School  but attendees will be expected to cover their own travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. Student accommodation has been reserved at NUS for Summer School participants on a first come, first served basis

Workshop sponsors:

  • British High Commission
  • WST
  • NUS

Additional opportunities for sponsorship are available – please contact program chairs for details.

Web Science Summer School Southampton

The University of Southampton is hosting the W3S Web Science summer school from the 20th to the 26th of July. The course is aimed at Masters and PhD students studying Web Science or a related discipline who wish to learn more about the tools and methods required to manage and process the increasingly large and complex data from the web.

Over the week there will be talks from several keynote speakers including:

  • Prof. James Hendler is the Director of the Institute for Data Exploration and Applications
  • Cory Efram Doctorow
  • Chris Welty
  • Prof. Guus Schreiber

For more information including details on how to apply can be found online here.

To see the full programme and keynote speakers, click here.


Big Social Data with COSMOS

We are delighted to welcome Dr Pete Burnap from the university of Cardiff to talk about COSMOS their on-line social media observatory.

The aim of COSMOS is to establish a coordinated interdisciplinary UK response to “Big Social Data”. COSMOS is developing a research programme to address next-generation research questions that focus upon the challenges posed by big social data to government, digital economy, security & privacy, and civil society, that will form an evidence base to lead policy development and practice. This empirical programme is complemented by a focus on the ethical impact dimensions of big social data and the development of new methodological tools and technical/data solutions for UK academia. In this webinar the COSMOS team will provide an overview of their computational social science toolkit, which is designed for use by technical and non-technical researchers and policy makers with an interest in using big social data to pose questions of social scientific interest.

This Webinar is now over but you will be able to watch a recording below

The HackPad Q&A from the webinar remains live and can be found here