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San Francisco Web Observatory Workshop

Students, researchers and web scientists came together for a hackathon-sytle meet-up hosted by Mark Musen and the team at Stanford.

Post-grad researchers Ramine Tinati, Chris Phethean and Ian Brown from Southampton introduced the day with presentations of their research interests including:

  • Social Media effectiveness for Charities,
  • Message propgation in Social Networks and
  • Observation – how observatories are different


the session progressed into a data hack together kicked off by Vinay Goel from our partners at the Internet Archive to look at ways in which complex data sets can be wrangled, analysed and shared.

Vote for a Web Science MOOC

Steffen Stabb asks the Web Science Community to vote for the production of a massive open on-line course (MOOC) on Web Science As part of spreading the gospel of Web Science, we are in a competition to spread it addressing students from all over the world through a MOOC – a massive open online course on Web Science with free content in English. We have submitted an application video and we now compete against more than 240 competitors for 10 MOOC Fellowships provided by Iversity and the Foundation for German Science whereby each fellowship provides funds to create a new MOOC about any academic topic. In order to make the first cut in the competition, we need 1 minute from *you*: Please login to – you can do so by using your facebook account or by creating a new account on that platform – and hit the green VOTE / ABSTIMMEN button. And of course, you do not have to vote for the “cat in the bag” (as we would say in German), but you can see our application video and our course concept on that very page. If possible: share this information with your students, colleagues, friends — the more who vote for us the more likely that MOOC on Web Science will happen. Please do it now! Thanks a lot! Steffen

Introducing the Web Observatory Wiki

The Institute for Web Science and Technologies in Koblenz is pleased to announce the launch of the Web Observatory Wiki. This wiki is a significant step forward for the Web Observatory, a project of the Web Science Trust and its affiliated universities, of which the University of Koblenz–Landau is a member.
The Web Observatory has the goal to become a global data resource for the advancement of economic and social prosperity. In order to reach this goal, the Web Observatory Wiki will be the central place to collect and maintain information about Web datasets. The wiki uses semantic technologies (Semantic MediaWiki), and allows all information about datasets to be recorded semantically, i.e., in a systematic way and interlinked with other Semantic Web resources. The wiki can be found at and is undergoing a test phase – all users are invited to add their information and to give us feedback. Please see the wiki itself for instructions.

Introduction to Web Observatory Wiki Video