Second Web Science Trust Doctoral Summer School to be held in Galway

The Digital Enterprise Research Institute at NUI Galway will be holding the second Web Science Trust Doctoral Summer School from 6 to 13 July 2011.

The Summer School at DERI will provide a unique cross-disciplinary grounding in techniques for Web analysis. A mix of national and international contributors will deliver lectures and seminars on the dynamics and dimensions of the Web. Applicants are not necessarily expected to have a computing background, though some technical knowledge of computing and the Web would be advisable. Participants will have also have an opportunity to work in small groups on topic-specific breakout sessions.

Topics include: Detecting and acting upon risks and opportunities on the Social Web; behaviour and use roles in online communities; impact of governance on collective user behaviour; mining the Web as a multidimensional network; achieving Web-scale networked knowledge; complex systems analysis; social dynamics of the Web.

For further information see the Summer School Web site: